"Write what should not be forgotten." Isabel Allende

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It matters…

A long time ago I stumbled across a simple little website called Pioneers of Change. On their website, the pioneers write: “All change starts with our perception and understanding of ourselves and our situation. A pioneer needs to think and see possibilities and connections. If we choose to redefine ourselves and others as unique human beings, each with something special to contribute in a world where positive change is possible, then we invite the possibility for transformation.”

Possibilities. Potential. Pioneers. I have always envisioned creating a blog that is a site for wordplay and creativity: a space of potential for stories, ideas, notions, imagination, activism, change and challenges – challenging perceptions, and making connections.

My passions are many – human rights, education, literature, science and technology and the environment – and I would like this space to be a forum where I can write words that matter about topics that should not be forgotten.

Here goes…


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